10 Great Unseen Films

Here is a list of some of my favorite films of all time that you might not have seen. These deserve cult status or at least deserved bigger box office figures when they where released. I’m not ranking these films by best to worst. Just films that anyone who loves movies should watch.

  1. Monsters
    I remember hearing the idea for this film and thinking to myself why I never thought of trying to make a movie like this. I probably still should. It was filmed for the price of a compact car and they didn’t have a real script at the time. After filming on location in Mexico Gareth Edwards went home to England and spent a few months editing the footage into a workable story. Then he added some rough FX on his home computer and got the cast to return to Mexico for reshoots to get the story to work. His last film you probably saw Rogue One. One of my favorite StarWars episodes. Proof that Gareth Edwards knows how to tell a movie.
  2. Salvador
    this is one of my favorite films ever. Oliver Stone’s first film and when he was at his best. He had come off writing the script for Scarface one of the best movies ever made IMO. Unfortunately this film stars James Woods who at the time I saw this I liked. I was a big fan. Ironically Mr. Woods is a MAGA and I’m surprised this was a project he wanted to do. As person Woods repulses me so much these days I avoid his films. Regardless this is a must see and in my opinion a classic piece of art.
  3. Fruitville Station
    as a fan of Sundance I rushed to see this film after hearing rave reviews and it winning that year. I love the concept and it didn’t disappoint. when I turned the movie off I downloaded a copy of the script and read it concurrently because I was curious how close the actual movie followed what was on the page. My gut reaction was this film maker is going to be here. He followed this with Creed and the Black Panther. Not only does this guy know how to make movies but he has a six sense in finding the perfect projects. Hollywood will infact work with African America’s if the project meets their commercial sensibilities.  I would add that this film deserved some academy award wins and I hate to think the reason it didn’t was ethnicity.
  4. The Last Song
    its hard to believe that his film is almost ten years old. It was the first time I ever saw Miley Cyrus and I didn’t know much about her at the time. I was removed from pop culture and top 40 radio back then. She really impressed me with how well she carried the film. Another thing to note is that Greg Kinnear who plays her father in the film is another actor who picks amazing scripts.  If you haven’t watched his entire filmography you probably should. I’m not particularly a fan but I notice that he continually pops up in some great stories.
  5. The Way Way Back
    if you loved the office Steve Carell has picked some of the great screen plays filmed over the last decade. I always loved summer coming of age films and this is a must watch.
  6. The Way
    you can probably tell that I’m a leftie and as such I was a huge West Wing fan and loved Martin Sheen. This little film was made by Martin’s son. How cool it must have been for a father to be directed by his son in such a heart warming story. You will want to go on this journey. It changed me forever.
  7. True Romance
    this film has a cult following in part largely due to Quentin Tarantino’s popularity. This is hands down my favorite film of all time. Tied maybe only with Blade Runner. It did 12 million in the box office and Quentin hated how his script was altered. Everything about this story is perfect. The Val Kilmer “Elvis” stuff. Patricia Arquette at her prime could carry any film in my opinion. She was a hottie in this film. She is another thespian who finds great stories. check out Boyhood which didn’t make this list because it won an Oscar.
  8. That Thing You Do
    this was directed by Tom Hanks and it’s a cute film that entertains about a rock band. It’s very retro, simple and fun. Like most things Tom Hanks is in I think this is a must see. I always wondered why he picked this project to do. I always enjoyed it.
  9. Winters Bone
    this is the first time I had ever seen Jennifer Lawrence. She was young but clearly able to carry a film. I wonder if the idea for the Ozark’s tv show came from this film. Box Office was only 6 million but in those days Sundance winners didn’t drive ticket sales. If you missed this trust me you will thank me for the tip. Solid film making on a low budget film with great actings and a great script.
  10. Starman
    I wanted to put another science fiction film on the list. This is Jeff Bridges when he was young. I would say prime but to me he’s one of those actors that gets better with age AKA Crazy Heart. That would be on the list if it didn’t win an Oscar. This is a simple film I think it costars the girl from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not sure I ever saw her again. I love the concept of this film. It’s a poor mans terminator in some ways. Science fiction without a lot of science, action and evil robots.

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